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Save Money on Fresh Meat Bundles

Make your money go father and your life more convenient. S&W Supermarket, Inc. provides with a variety of beef and pork cuts that provide you with healthy and delicious meals. Get ready for day-to-day meals for your family, barbecues, and get-togethers with friends.

50LB NO 2 Beef Bundle
5 lbs. Sirloin Steaks
5 lbs. Arm Roasts
15 lbs. Chuck Roast
25 lbs. Ground Beef
$187.50  $3.75lb. Avg. 

50LB NO 1 Beef Bundle
3 lbs. Sirloin Tip Roasts
5 lbs. Rump Roasts
6 lbs. Sirloin Steaks
4 lbs. T-Bone Steaks
7 lbs. Round Steaks
25 lbs. Ground Chuck
$206.50  $4.13lb. Avg. 

50LB Variety Bundle
4 lbs. T-Bone Steaks
5 lbs. Round Steaks
5 lbs. Sirloin Steaks
5 lbs. Pork Chops
3 lbs. Bacon
10 lbs. Fryers
3 lbs. Boneless Pork Roast
5 lbs. Pork Steaks
10 lbs. Ground Chuck
$176.50 $3.53lb. Avg. 
25 LB. Variety Bundle
6 lbs. Ground Beef
3 lbs. Round Steaks
5 lbs. Leg Quarters
2 lbs. Pork Chops
2 lbs. Sirloin Steaks
4 lbs. Boneless Chuck Roast
3 lbs. Pork Steaks
$87.50 $3.43lb. Avg

25 LB. Small Mixed Bundle
4 lbs. Pork Steaks
5 lbs. Chuck Roast
8 lbs. Ground Beef
6 lbs. Chicken
2 lbs. Ham Steaks
$83.50 $3.35lb. Avg. 
50LB Large Pork Bundle
5 lbs. Boneless Ham
6 lbs. Bacon
8 lbs. Pork Steaks
8 lbs. Pork Chops
10 lbs. Sausage
5 lbs. Ribs
4 lbs. Loin Roast
4 lbs. Shoulder Roast
$137.79  $2.75lb. Avg. 

25 LB Small Pork Bundle
5 lbs. Pork Steaks
5 lbs. Pork Chops
5 lbs. Sausage
5 lbs. Bacon
5 lbs. Ribs
$72.39  $2.89lb. Avg. 

25 LB Ground Beef Bundle
$97.25  $3.89lb. Avg. 

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